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I've been in continuous practice since August of 2000 and I've worked with thousands of patients. I've attended hundreds of hours of continuing education, and am a continuing education provider & Acupuncture instructor. I not only studied with luminaries such as Dr Richard Tan, Alex Tiberi, Dr Jake Fratkin, and Honora Lee Wolfe, I've hosted their lectures and had them as house guests. When dealing with complex cases, I don't wonder what those senior practitioners would do, I call and ask them.



I'm results oriented, I want to meet or exceed your expectations. I do not require patients to make advance commitments to a series of treatments.

Many Acupuncturists are process oriented. Their practice is based upon reenacting treatments from centuries ago. The focus is on being faithful to a tradition.



Acupuncture consists of many techniques and can be performed in many environments. I practice with a gentle touch, most patients barely feel the needles going in or out. I  provide care in a setting that offers privacy and tranquility. I believe that results are better when the Acupuncturist is seeing patients singly and privately than in a group setting. Your treatments are always just between you and me.



I've not only held the public trust in my area for 18 years, I was a state official for the six years I sat on the NC Acupuncture Licensing board. I spent four years as Chair of the Rules Committee and a year as Board Chair.

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